The Widom Family

This web page has not been maintained properly since the early 2000's. If you're a Widom who's interested in taking it over, please let me know! -- Jennifer Widom,

Back in 1998 my husband gave me what was a rather unusual and clever birthday gift at the time (but wouldn't be now), the domain name Since then I've been the unofficial -- and negligent -- caretaker of a Widom Family Home Page. I've primarily listed email addresses and linked to home pages of the Widoms I know personally. I also threw in a few interesting links I found when searching for "Widom" on the web back in 1998 -- rumor has it that all Widoms are closely related.

Home Pages and Email Addresses

The list starts with brothers Ben and Harold and moves along in various directions from there. Sorry for the male bias.

Other Links